Personal Wellness Dashboard: A Dynamic Visual View of Complete Personal Health



Personal Wellness Dashboard: A Dynamic Visual View of Complete Personal Health

Just a short blog this week to alert you to neat things happening in the development laboratory. I’m prompted by a basic question. Would you fly in an airplane without a complete set of instruments? Probably not. Then why do most of us live our lives without a set of instruments that tell us how we are doing? Hey, here’s a guy who had a flight plan but no Personal Wellness Dashboard.





At the risk of extreme oversimplification, I am proposing a systemic model which integrates the physiological (which we are pretty familiar with); the social psychological and the spiritual. Sort of like the why of being alive with the how we live and then the just what that looks like. I’ll save all the details for a later time and an extended venue.



Here’s the picture.





This model assumes a basic social psychological driver to ‘wellness’. Stress is felt when you are not playing to your strengths. Coping is the degree of social support a person has and uses. For example, you are in a job which doesn’t allow you to exercise your strengths (high stress) and you don’t have friends and family to support you (low coping ability).  That gets magnified when you are living without a personal purpose. The result will be bad health and dysfunction habits – unwellness.

Here’s the spoiler alert. In prototype stage right now, we’re beginning to get an idea of what the ‘dashboard’ could look like.















I’ve got a couple of personal testimonials from folks who almost crashed because they didn’t know where they were flying through life. Want to know the magic behind how we get the data, how we analyze it and what the interface will look like? Reach out to me, I’d love to have that chat.


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