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Did you know that the average person here in the United States of Anxiety hasn’t made a new, close friend in 5 years? That they have only 3 ‘best friends’? If you were a social capital investment banker you’d say that asset was underperforming.

Social networks (your circle of friends if you will) and wellbeing are intertwined. Social psychologists have been studying this for decades – it’s not rocket science anymore. A life affirming social network typically has 8-10 close members; another 10 or so ‘acquaintances’ and maybe as many as 50 “I wave to them when they go by” or see at church on Sundays.

A sad state of affairs we have. Little wonder social isolation is up and people feel disconnected and in many cases experience hopelessness. And if you follow the etiology you see increases in addictive behaviors, outward directed hostility and the ultimate toxic reaction – suicide – sudden or prolonged often results.

How can you leverage your social network to promote optimal wellbeing? Based on my own research, decades of life coaching experience and contemporary research I’ve created a robust process to design, manage and make the most of your social network. I invite to begin this conversation by reading my most recent publication on the topic. Go here.

If this piques your interest I have a Keynote Speech on the topic and am in the final stages of developing a one day “Master Class” An Old Friend, Well Met: Social Networks and Wellbeing which will be available early Summer to compliment wellbeing programs and high-performance teams. Please contact me directly for more information on these offerings. Spoiler alert – app to follow. Take Us Out Boys :

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