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Ernie here. So how’s everybody doing? This is going to be a short blog, and it’s really a segue to the blogs that follow. I’m happy to report that everybody loves Ernie (well perhaps maybe one or two that are kind of meh).  I got some great feedback from readers and encouragement to continue.

But, I also heard from folks with great comments about format, depth of discussion and the request for more in-depth resources and references. Not the people think some of my ramblings are fairly out there, but it’s reasonable to ask “got anything to back that up Ernie?” So I’m going to change format a bit. From now on I will be posting mini blogs of maybe 500 words max. Each blog will be backed up by an in-depth report, or analysis, of the blog topic around 2500 or so words.

Many people say that they only have like two minutes to read the blog, but if they are really interested in the topic they want a place to go and dig deeper. Now, in order to get the in-depth reports, you will have to request them. I’m not going to make all of those in-depth reports available in the open, public domain. You’ll get the idea in a minute.

I’m not quite ready to go to a subscription-based regular set of blogs. Although some have suggested I do that and also seek advertising support. Well, that’s just an administrative pain in the patoot. Being the highly motivated, dedicated bigly, Pro that I am I will try the shortcut first.

Here’s how it’s going to work. I’ll blast out the short blogs to my mailing list and crosspost on LinkedIn. You read the short blog decide you want to dig into it a little more and request the backup report for the blog. I’ll send it to you in a secure PDF format. I will also request support from those of you who get these longer reports. I’m going to be asking for donations, yes in cash, in an amount at your discretion, MSRP is $7.95, your reading mileage may vary. I’ll be setting up a PayPal account to support this.

I’m going to give this 90 days during which I intend to produce three in-depth reports (e.g., causes of alienation, pathological politics and election predictions) and corresponding short blogs and then re-evaluate. I can continue with this method, or I could also bring up a private side to the website “awakening to” which would require a subscription. After all, I’ve got my eye on this really nifty electric bike and my chief bean counter tells me “it’s not in the budget Buzzface”.

All right, I reached my word limit for the short blog. Let’s take it out with a little ditty from “Steve N’ Seagulls”. We are about to be thunderstruck. A Tip of the hat to “Munchie” for turning me onto these great guys.

Hey, take care yourself.

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