Why a curated blog on wellbeing?

Simply put, there is a figurative 600 lb. gorilla in the room. It is the utter disregard for the dysfunctional effects of this human activity we call, ‘work’ has on many of its’ practitioners.

Huh? Ever heard the phrase, “I Owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go”? That’s about it. Most people ‘work’ because they have to, not because they really want to. Lucky is the person who does what they enjoy and still make a comfortable living.

I’ve been down this road for a long time. The military, academia, corporate, non-profit and independent practice; been there, done that. Along the way I’ve learned a lot, made a bunch of mistakes and gained some wisdom. My intent here is to offer up what I’ve learned, point you towards resources, and yes, throw out some strongly held opinions.

So, just what are you going to get from spending 10 minutes or so each week following my blogs? My hope is that over time you start to get some focus on your own pathway towards wellbeing and wholeness – a compass to set direction and a bright North Star to guide your journey.

I wrap all this around the idea that most of us need to start engaging with our own personal leadership development because the pace of change is increasing and the degree of uncertainty we face is growing exponentially. I will try to stay focused on the physical, emotional and spiritual health effects of this separation of ‘making a living’ from ‘having a life’.

However, as those who know me, I may on occasion slip into political and economic rant mode. So then turn me off. Come back the next week and take another taste.

I’m going to start with defining just what ‘curation’ is. It’s far more than just the latest buzzword and has some very serious social psychology behind it. Then I’ll jump right into getting clear on the difference between wellbeing, as it is commonly used, and wholeness. I’ll think you might be surprised by my take on this very basic idea.

Next comes the nitty gritty of sketching out the various physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of the overall idea. Along with this will come pointers to resources, some evaluation and mentoring suggestions. Think of this blog as the consumer reports version of wellbeing and wholeness.

If you like what you read, send it along to others you know may be interested. If they find value, have them send me their email and I’ll add them to the list.

I’ll be about the ‘what needs to be done’ here. The ‘how’ is a deeper conversation for another venue. So step up, strap in and join me on the pathway of awakening to wholeness.