How to use this Curated Blog

“The map in not the territory.”

-Alfred Korzybski

This blog is a portal to knowledge and wisdom about awakening to wholeness.
It is a door – not the final destination. The territory of wholeness needs further exploration and your own direct experience.

Nonetheless, treat this blog as your compass, which keeps you on the pathway to understanding. I will provide leads. Then you can follow them up and see where they take you. If you want you can loop back and ask for more clarification, analysis or alternative directions. I’m happy to oblige.

I’ve done the first sort on this information. But you should do your own due diligence on any person, publication, website or reference you find here. However, beware of false prophets. When you start to get close to someone or something important stop and reflect.

  1. Has this person, or school of thought, helped others before?
  2. Don’t be quick to sign up.
  3. Study the person/school body of students.

And above all trust your instinct. If you feel it is about money, it is, and run the other way.

I suggest that you compile the links and references as we move along. Build your own knowledge base from what you find here. Over time you will find some things more interesting to you than others. When that happens change your attention to those things. Energy follows attention.

The overall map looks likes this diagram. There are always three parts: Discover, Explore and then Integrate.

recursive feedback loop

recursive feedback loop


So the way to use this curated blog is the ‘discover’ part. But, then shift to exploration and integration. Always shift your thinking from ‘well that’s interesting’ to ‘how can I bring that into my life?’ and ultimately, ‘what does that imply for my own self leadership?’

Treat this as your personal library on well-being and wholeness. You can always come back to the reference librarian and ask for more. My purpose here is get you pointed in the right direction.

As I promised at the onset, I will occasionally provide you with specific references for you to check out. In the spirit of using this curated blog as a map try this out.

“We’re all on a journey of growth and ascension to our higher selves…

but it can be easy to get lost along the way. Sometimes we need a map

to show us where we are now, and where we need to ascend to.”

– Soulvana.

The idea here is that there are so to speak different levels of consciousness.

Level 0 – Early Man. Language was beginning to develop. One person could communicate with another.

Level 1 – Modern Man. “This is a cognitive world of ideas — a cognitive world of culture, of religion, of social practices — all man-made.” This is where most of us are. And if have come this far into my work you are sensing that we are “stuck’ here. As my friend Bill Jensen says; “We are locked into 20th century approaches that are holding back the next big fundamental shifts in human capacity.”

Level 2 – The Culture Hacker. At this level, you question the dogma of the cognitive realm and start to make your own rules. You start to see that you can hack this stuff, and live an extraordinary life by defying convention that doesn’t make sense for you.

Level 3 – What I call “Awakening to Wholeness” When you get to the state of limitless something feels different. The idea that at a certain stage, traditional goals no longer motivate you as much. Instead, you’re obsessed with a mission. And this mission gives you meaning and drives you.

Level 4 – We’ll leave this until later ☺

I’m deep into Stage 3, where are you?

So there it is, short and sweet on how to use this blog.

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