WTF! Today Pocket Pal Announcment

2019: Brave New Year, World, and WTF! Book


“This is an amazing how-to-survive and thrive in the 21st century guide. 

Highly recommended!”

~ Chip Conley, NYT best selling author of Peak


It’s not business as usual, or anything else for that matter. The world is changing faster than most of us can keep up with—it is ever more complex, chaotic, and confusing. The milestones and markers along the road to the future are no longer accurate or relevant. We need an proven road map, tools, and compass to help us find our way through all this. Whitney Vosburgh and Charlie Grantham now provide us with this much needed and timely North Star.


New Year, New Book 

Vosburgh, Grantham, and the rest of the WTF! team are excited to announce the publication of the new “WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY 2019 POCKET PAL: A faster path to purpose, passion and profit” paperback and Kindle versions, which is now available on Amazon at:


Road Map for 2019+

The “WTF! 2019 POCKET PAL” is the interactive follow up to the #1 Amazon categorical best seller “WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY: Finding your path to purpose, passion and profit”. The first book is an atlas of change, and the second is an easy-to-use guidebook to help you and your organization or community get from here to there swiftly and smoothly.


Small Package, Big Wisdom 

As one reviewer wrote: “It packs a hell of lot of wisdom in a small package.” This full-color, illustrated Pocket Pal easily slips into your pocket or purse, so you can take it everywhere. It will guide you through any number of challenging scenarios with the proven WTF! 3-step process, and actionable online tools and resources. And another reviewer wrote: “LOVED LOVED LOVED their book! It’s brilliant and so timely for today’s ‘energies’!”


You can find out more at: Happy Brave New Year!


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