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Oh boy here comes another year. And what a year it is going to be. One thing it won’t be is boring. As is our cultural custom, people always ask, what are my predictions? Historically I usually get about 80% of things right and I have a tendency to be around three years ahead of reality manifesting.

So, I should be about right on with media.awakeningtowholeness.net. The idea bubbled up in a personal development learning experience with U Labs (Leading From the Emergent Future) back in the Fall of 2015. The prototype business model was created then. The ensuing two years has been about fleshing that out, doing the competitive analysis, and testing various program offerings in leadership, mindfulness and finally wellbeing.

Beginning in September this year my effort switched to making it real. The web site was launched December 1 and is now operational, including some experimental ‘conversational agents’. Albeit, we continue to tweak it as more people access the content from God only knows how many platforms and configurations.

Pivot noun piv·ot \ ˈpi-vət \

What is past is past and those ideals, beliefs and motivations which have served humankind well for several hundred years have outlived their usefulness towards our planet’s sustainability, life affirming social order and equality of wealth. I am making a personal, professional and spiritual turn to a focused dedication of thought and action towards wellness, wellbeing and ultimately an “Awakening To Wholeness”.

This change is a natural follow on to my own journey towards wholeness. Now it is time to share my learnings (and maybe a little wisdom) with others. There is much to be developed. This flower is only now just opening.

I realize that some who have followed me, worked together and shared times both good and not so good, will fall by the wayside. In some ways that is sad, but just another part of my intentional evolution. In their place new friends, colleagues and connections will emerge and the journey will be joined.

By mid-January I will post to the media.awakeningtowholeness.net website my project priorities for 2018 along with an invitation for collaboration.

I have only one foundational prediction for 2018. A planetary raising of consciousness recognizing the interconnectedness of all of us and the universe. Time and space are illusions constructed to explain away the fear of the unknown. 2018 will be the time when humankind begins to surrender to the mystery and acceptance of our impermanence. We have reached the tipping point. I’m not sure this rising of consciousness will reach a ‘critical mass’ where it becomes self-sustaining and dominates our behavior towards life affirming actions, but the pace of realization will move from isolated groups, lineages and cliques to connected communities.

Even Thich Nhat Hanh has said “The next Buddha may be a sangha”

For those who crave specifics, here are three of my expectations for the coming year. Think of it this way. The first two trends will create cracks and voids in our social structures. It will be within these voids that the third, major, trend will take root.

  • Civil discourse will become even more coarse – look for civil disobedience to surface
  • Social media moves from being a boon to society to a bane – look out MZ. ‘here come da judge’
  • Sprouts of consciousness spring up in unexpected places – awakening becomes a personal journey, not a guru guided tour through the jungles of jingoism

For me this means a re-orientation of beliefs, attitudes and conscious practice. My starting point is a deeper inquiry into the wisdom of the Ancients (especially Native American traditions); formal training in  shamanistic practices and a search for other members of the tribe who share the motivation of a journey toward wholeness.



Thee conversations have already begun. Look for more details here in short order.


Namaste – Acharya

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