Awakeningtowholeness 2018 Agenda






Pivot time. Shifting from the future to the present. How to do that? Primarily two things.

  1. Learn. I’m starting from a pretty good foundation in the interdisciplinary social sciences and my training in the energy healing arts. But I learned way back when that everything has two sides, a yin and a yang if you will. So, in 2018 I will begin with a balanced approach of looking at the scientific side of wholeness through the lens of neuroscience and at the same time of the more sacred traditions of shamanism.

Science and It’s Mirror Image.

  1. Network. A no brainer for a flaming extroverted, intuitive, connectedness kind of guy. But focused on things about wellness, well-being and ultimately wholeness. I’ll start with the American Institute of Stress where I will be a Fellow; Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) and a University connection yet to be determined. I’ll be also looking for speaking opportunities to the right audiences to evangelize the wellness movement.

I only have one project that I will concentrate my attention and intentions upon. An automated personal state of wellness app that provides feedback on your physiological, psychological and spiritual states of wellbeing.

“Would you want to fly in an airplane that didn’t have a compass for direction?  An altimeter to tell how high it was? An airspeed indicator to let you know how

fast you were going? A fuel gauge to tell you much further you could go? Well, of course not unless you have some sort of death wish. So, why is it again that

you go through your life without knowing the same things about your body and you mind?”


It’s under development and you will spot some the data collection methods embedded in my new website using ‘conversational agents’. More development swill be posted here on this blog roll as they develop. Anyone out there know someone in Google I should be talking to?










OK enough of that boring stuff. What about fun? My garden. I’m getting three plantings a year out of it now and close to my target of producing 50% of the fresh veggies we eat. Every year is a new mix and maybe, just maybe some expansion next Fall.

I will continue with my newly found interests (and to Ellen’s amazement) some skill in arts and crafts. Fully equipped now and working on some new designs blending gemstones, lighting and woodcraft symbols into energy healing baubles and doodads. Want something custom? Call me.

Lastly, the stretch. Some archeological and anthrolopological exploration of the Southwest trying to trace back my newly discovered (2017) Native American heritage. Fascinating that over half of my DNA has its roots in Columbian indigenous tribes. I’ll be looking to my new buddy Gary David (Journey of the Serpent People) to get me pointed in the right direction.

If I get bored, I’ll let you know. Ten giggle points if you can correctly identify the origin of the symbol in the new logotype.

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