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I’ve created much content during the past few years. I’ve been blessed to have a superlative network of collaborators and the loving-kindness (and patience) of outstanding editors. I’m merely offering up the links to these publications in this blog. I invite you to click through to them and ponder my ideas.

Of particular note are articles on why leaders need to transform themselves post COVID19. https://www.stress.org/personal-leader-transformation-in-a-post-trauma-world

And how to “Engage Yourself” towards renewal. https://www.stress.org/wp-content/themes/Avada-child/lib/3d-flip-book/3d-flip-book/?mag_id=17649

And a special note of thanks to the staff of Work Design Magazine Michelle Weiss and Bob Fox who have supported my work since 2016. You can find a complete listing and set of links here: https://www.workdesign.com/?s=charlie+grantham

But I invite your special attention to how to design a home-based workplace (https://www.workdesign.com/2020/03/a-pocket-guide-for-working-at-home/) and to design the workplace for people dealing with PTSD (https://www.workdesign.com/2020/01/workplace-design-guidelines-for-employees-with-ptsd/)

There will be more to come dealing with leadership transmutation, community embedded workplaces, and the de-coupling of large, complex organizations into smaller, more intimate social groups. Don’t belive me, just watch …

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