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It is with great pleasure that we announce a new joint marketing alliance between and Tivity Marketing.

Together, their mission is to bring the ease of chat and the power of Artificial Intelligence to make health care information easier to access and understand.  They will focus on the application of Artificial Intelligence technology to problems of health assessment, administration of healthcare program delivery, risk assessment  to include customized access to stress and coping resources.

Tivity specializes in digital marketing strategy and program design and implementation. Tivity’s mission is to bring ‘state of the practice’ technical solutions to emerging marketing techniques. Tivity principals have over a dozen years’ deep experience in strategic digital marketing campaigns. Awakeningtowholeness (AWT) is an outgrowth of the Community Design Institute which has decided to pivot and focuses on wellbeing. Building on a 10-year stellar track record in workplace design and strategic foresight methodologies. AWT is the supplier of trusted, curated content for the joint effort.

We are offering a free Technical Design Brief to interested parties detailing how ‘conversational agent’, or ‘Chatbots’ can be leveraged in the healthcare market for greater profitability and enhanced customer engagement.

You can request access to this report by contacting us at


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