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Ever ride a roller coaster? Remember that feeling as you near the top of the first downward plunge? A whole lot of people we are talking to now, report the same kind of general feeling. Generalized anxiety the psychologists call it.

Which got us to thinking. Are you ready for the ride into the new story? Our guess is for most people the answer is kind of a whispered, “no”. We have crafted a very brief (like three questions) top level assessment to do a gut check if you are prepared. Go here to check it out.

If you got a score that indicates you should be doing some preparation work, let us know. We’ve been pulling together a couple of personal strategic development skill building learning modules to help you out. They are suited for distance delivery and we hope to convert them to a total on-line process by year end.

This is a good opportunity to announce that awakeningtowholeness has formed an alliance with
The American Institute of Stress. Charlie will be one of their Fellows. Also, we will be working with Dr. Heidi Hanna on some of these projects. All this is to position ourselves as a resource for people trying to navigate the troubled waters just around the next bend in the river of life.

A thought we have been pondering: How can you use Awakening to Wholeness to harness the full power of intentionality. Or in Yodish:” Intention before attention always; without it nothing”

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