Self-Care Assessment Beta Launch

What it Is

Would you fly in an airplane without a complete set of instruments? Then why live your life without a complete set of “wellness” instruments. Do you know how sustainable your life is currently operating?  The “Self-Care Assessment” is an automated process that applies holistic metrics to the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of your life. It provides a current reading and strategies to steer you toward long term health and happiness.

The underlying technology which powers the Assessment is a chat bot or technically “a conversational agent”. It combines the state of the practice graphical user interface coupled with a dynamic database to provide a person with a set of guidelines, specific action items and direct referral to a suite of resources so they can be in charge of their healthcare wholeness.

Why We Did It

We designed and created this assessment primarily motivated by some life threatening personal experiences. In doing our background research it became clear that current “wellness” and “well-being” literature and programs were limited mostly to looking at physical health. We found that the social, psychological and guidance to action were not present. We created this assessment to fill that gap so that people can be in charge of their ‘wellness’ actions.

How Will You Benefit

The primary benefit you will receive from completing this assessment is to give you a statistically reliable set of metrics of your everyday functioning, your emotional health and your purposeful direction in life. You will receive those scores along with an average for each of the three metrics which we label “hand”, “heart” and “head”. Coupled with these three dimensions you will also receive a summary and average score.

Lastly, for each of the three factors you will receive a brief, clear and concise explanation of what they are, a set of action items you can implement immediately and a listing of resources that you can pursue if you care to take a deeper dive.

Where We Are Going

This “beta” assessment battery will give us more highly reliable real-time data about average scores and their variability. Once we have taken that data and fine-tuned our algorithms, we will then expand the model into a larger dashboard which will include a finer grain analysis of physiological variables; a purpose “compass” indicator and a quantitative analysis of your individual ratio of coping skills versus stressors.

Ultimately we see this larger dashboard as being integrated with an entire ecosystem of healthcare assessments and service delivery channels.


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