So, What Concerns You Today?

How Can You Possibly Make Sense of Crypto?

This article was written just before the crypto asset bubble collapsed. It turns out my conjecture at the time was prescient. This is just a symptom of a more significant issue of socio-economic upset that I address as a separate piece. This paper is still an excellent primer on the topic. And I have some slightly unconventional ideas of where this is yet to go.

Are You Having Trouble Organizing Your Time?

You are not alone. This piece presents my considered analysis of how to get your act together and focused. I use three timeframes: a six-week, weekly, and daily work cycle. Pro hint: I empirically tested this on my work pattern and discovered an extra 20% of time savings. Your mileage may vary.

How Do You Know When a Social System is About to Fail?

As it turns out, there have been hints of this hiding in plain sight since the 1990s. I map out the structural, cultural, and psychological reasons and a set of potential scenarios for the future. Examples are the global health care system (especially the USA version), economic supply chains, and governance structures worldwide – think the UN and EU.

Are You Getting Satisfactory Health Care at a Reasonable Price?

The short answer is NO if you live in the USA. I’m just finishing up a two-year in-depth study on this topic. This report outlines what forces have driven the system to dysfunction. A proposed new business model, the design of some prototypes of an ecosystem, and an analysis of the barriers to implementation. In summary, I am presenting hopeful outcomes with the caution that an innovative degree of political will is required.

Is Your Post-COVID Workplace Designed to Increase Your Productivity, Sense of Wellbeing, and Engagement?

I haven’t found one yet. This is a five-part exposition of a revolutionary socio-technical design perspective that can get you and your organization there if you want to. I cover corporate culture, interior design principles, communication technology, and management systems. As a bonus, I offer up some quick self-assessment tools for you to establish a foundation that you can build on.

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