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The social and political chaos we have experienced in the Unites States over the past two years portends of a major shift in the story narrative which guides our everyday lives. Current events are the sounds of waves of change crashing upon the shores of yesterday’s realities.


The shift is from an “Old Story” to a “New Story”. The shift is being driven by a perfect storm of social forces. Pictorially this shift can be seen as


Current Events

Shifting from the Old to the New Story is the sneeze that comes before the chills and fever of the cold.

What we are experiencing is a fundamental questioning, by an increasing array of actors, about the bedrock legitimacy of the social institutions which support the “Old Story”.

Every couple thousand years’ new metaphors, belief structures and myths emerge. THAT is what is going on now.  Stone Age beliefs are dying; the new ones only barely emerging. It’s not that people simply won’t play by the rules anymore; the game of life has changed.


To Infinity and Beyond

Ware entering the era of the mythic. The agents of change are our modern magicians. My epiphany in realizing this is that ………

I perceive the world in terms of symbols; I think in matrices; I speak in parentheses; I converse in heresies.  


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