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Ernie here. I told you so, I told you so ….

Here’s what we have so far. We could have gotten more, but we’ll take this (for now)

  • 100+ women in US House of Representatives- total
  • 2 female Islamic Representatives
  • 2 females of Native American heritage
  • 1 Gay Governor
  • First female Senator in Arizona’s history
  • 30+ gain in House for Democrats

Wow! As I said in my previous blog, this is just the first wave of change crashing against the shores of reality. More is to come with some major races still undecided at this writing. And have you noticed the concerted attempts to modify, throw out or simply ignore the conventions of the process? “We don’t like the rules of this game, so let’s change them.” Definitely seeing pre-pubescent emotional reactions. But just like my current tagline:

“When you close the door to reality, it comes in through the windows.” (Jennifer Yane)

The feline has escaped the basket……

Well, now that I have that out of my system, let’s take a look at the CONTEXT of the latest election results here in the good ol’ United States of Anxiety.


To me these results signify a shift in AWARENESS. In particular, situational awareness in that people are experiencing an incoherence in energy levels. Or more succinctly, incoherence between our “recognized political parties.” One is operating at an almost primal, Stone Age-level fighting for survival, a de-volution if you will. Reject the future; embrace the past.

On the other hand, the other is operating (read “behaving”) with compassion, an awakening to at-oneness and seeing self in others. It is contextual awareness in that there is a lack of purposeful direction. They are seeking to give governance purposeful direction. Reject the past; embrace the future.

OK, enough Buddhist psychology. Let me take it up a notch. A few years ago one of the punditry class opined that our framing of current conversations was rooted in the wrong value-laden frameworks. I don’t quote this guy often because he epitomizes the smugness of a platypus – which also has bone spurs on its hind legs. But he has set the stage for a much needed cognitive re-framing.

David Brooks[1] offered that we needed to move from “left” vs. “right” and from “conservative” vs. “liberal.” Even though he didn’t use the words, he was suggesting we need a new operating system to deal with the mid 21st century future bus hurling towards us. I applaud his efforts but think he didn’t go far enough.

It’s more than a two-dimensional description of our social lives. It really has three dimensions corresponding to an ontological shift currently being fought out in the realm of governance. And it portends a bigger shift in consciousness.

Submitted for your approval

Three dimensions.

  • One has to do with the boundaries of social interaction – Open – Closed, e.g., “Build that wall.”
  • Second, the goal of the discussion, who benefits? Person –Social, e.g., “Lock her up!”
  • Last, what is the process we will use? Is truth derived from the outside the person, or inside, e.g., “Fake news!”

Here’s the picture:

For those more analytically inclined here’s a concept equivalency table.

Dimension of Interaction(s) Underlying Process Locus of Wellbeing Ontology of Experience
Open – Closed Boundary Head Spirit
Person – Social Goal Heart Being
Outside – Inside Process Hand Function

This is a very complex topic and quickly shades into the realm of metaphysics. Not to trouble you here with all that, but if you are interested I suggest you visit my blogs on awakeningtowholeness.net.

For our discussion right now looking at the context of the contextual shift signified by the latest election, it is sufficient to realize there are three dimensions to this change. In my oh so humble opinion this has been building for about 35 years. Join me in a thought experiment: if you take the central intersection of these dimensions as a 1980 date point, then we have been moving down and to the right – toward a closed society, motivated by individual gain and accepting only that which you are told by authorities as truth.

Given this framework, what is happening now is a rather abrupt stop in that momentum, and if I’m correct, a reversal in movement back toward the center and perhaps even a shift into the upper left hand quadrant. John Wayne sits on the lower right; Oprah on the upper left.

Fade to Black

This blog is getting long and the editor person is giving me the stink eye. Let me sum up:

The results of the midterm election in the US of Anxiety signifies a shift in collective consciousness from the Old Story of male dominated hierarchical control and greed to the New Story of female group collaboration characterized by compassion and life affirmation. (http://www.workthefuture.today/)

We’ll see rather quickly if this translates into a shift in policy goals, I suspect. If you are curious about just where you fit on this spectrum of change, we have a handy, dandy little tool to help you out. Go here.

Take us out Bob via the Byrd’s… Ah, love those haircuts /s





To not play the game, the only way for everyone to gain is – Yoda


[1] Open vs. closed David Brooks NYT, 11/12/16


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